I’m not sure how all you feel, but summertime is the only time of year I want to chop off my long hair and rock it short. The heat is unbearable sometimes! It’s hard to look semi descent and not be dripping sweat all over. When the heat gets this bad, I feel like I look like a hot mess! I would rather be home in my air conditioning rather than dealing with the heat, but then what fun would that be? On my adventure in hot New York City I spotted a Fashionista that dressed perfectly for this heat and was wearing an awesome hairstyle perfect for any hot summer day.

This Fashionista’s outfit is very dressy and seems as though it is more appropriate to wear her hair up regardless of the heat. Wearing an updo on a hot day is the key to a perfect summer hairstyle. What I love about her bun is that it is not the typical messy bun that someone does because they were in a rush. Although it is not perfectly up, her goal was to keep it looser than most updos. She also accessorized very well because the earrings she is wearing catch the attention to her face and hairstyle. She wore very natural makeup highlighting her best features and giving her some shimmer in the eyes.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To accomplish this look, one needs hair ties, bobby pins and hairspray for the updo. For accessorizing, you’ll need a pair of chandelier earrings to help complement the updo along with natural makeup that fits best with your skin tone.