BEAUTY BAR: Hanging Onto Buns

This Fashionista’s hairstyle is what attracted me to the whole outfit. See, most people wanting to have their hair half down and half up usually do something along the lines of putting a pony tail in. Maybe they will even take the top half of the hair and make it so it falls down the middle of their hair. One thing I have not seen before is a messy bun placed in the spot of that braid.

That was something odd but at the same time appealing to the eye of the beholder. It was not the type of bun that is neat and tight. It was a nice messy bun that I felt complemented not only her outfit but also her personality. The hair is what I felt like drew your attention and made the outfit complete in so many ways.

It was a basic design that you see often enough but made different enough to be unique. And unique was this Fashionista! With a mint green top, a white cardigan and paisley shorts, it did not take long for me to take notice of this certain Fashionista. To make an ensemble perfect, it does not just take some nice shorts, a shirt and a sweater. Fashion is so much more than that; it is everything put together, from a stray hair to a button missing on your shirt. To make it perfect, you have to make sure even your hair is in the right design to complement your face and your clothes.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To replicate this look, all you have to do is two simple things that do not take long. First, you will need a comb to separate the top half of your hair that you want in a bun. After that is done, proceed to make a messy bun, making sure the bun is not too tight but not too loose either. You do not want to feel like your hair is being pulled nor feel like the hair tie can fall out at any second. When you perfect it, all you need is the perfect ensemble to complement your whole look.