BEAUTY BAR: Gradient Pastel Hair

Clothes can express a lot about you, but perhaps hair can say even more. While you can easily slip in and out of an outfit, hair is a somewhat more permanent feature. For instance, changing your hairstyle can require weeks or months if you need your hair to grow out, and changing your hair color requires many dedicated hours to complete the transformation. It pays off though, because hair is a dynamic form of expression that exudes an individual’s confidence and personality!

I’ll offer some friendly advice: If you’ve ever wanted to dye your hair an unnatural color, now’s the time to do it. As college students, we are given a wonderful grace period of experimentation and freedom to further define ourselves. Once we graduate and find jobs, societal constraints may hinder us from having the hair color we want, especially in professions that are much less forgiving than the fashion industry. Perhaps defying societal (and most likely parental) expectations is what makes different hair colors such eye-catchers.

Dyed hair used to be a punky trend, but pastel hair colors with cotton candy pinks and mermaid blues have really redefined a new feminine and chic trend. Take this pastel hairstyle for example, that features a beautiful ombré of light blonde and orange that tapers into pinks and purples. These colors are reminiscent of a sunset melting away into the summer sky, and combined with the asymmetrical edgy bob, create the ultimate trendy look. The short layered hair, which is perfect for the sweltering summer heat, really plays up this Fashionista’s style. She keeps her outfit’s color palette fairly neutral with monochrome pieces that feature a slouchy gray hoodie, black pants and white buckled sandals for a cute and comfortable ensemble. The only pop of color comes from the whimsical Peter Pan collared shirt and her unique ombré hair.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you’re inspired to finally go for the hair of your dreams, remember to never bleach your own hair—go to someone who is experienced. For short hair, use two packets of bleach powder; for long hair, use three to four. For pastel hair, aim for a light ash blonde so that the hair dye will be more vibrant and true to color. To avoid unwanted brassy yellow, orange or red tones, remember to include one part of toner into two parts of developer. Afterwards, remember to treat your hair with a deep conditioning mask to reduce hair damage.