BEAUTY BAR: Golden Eye

Hello CollegeFashionista! This Fashionista and I had the opportunity to go to a cocktail attire event for our internship, and she came dressed to the nines. While her super cute dress from the ’90s (it was her mom’s!) Her makeup blew me away, which is why I’ll be focusing on it.

But first, let’s set the mood. It’s a rainy day in D.C., a little chiller then June should be, and this Fashionista comes walking in, in these gorgeous and stylish nude pumps, and the ultimate LBD, with just a hint of lace at the bottom to keep things interesting. It hits at the perfect length for her tall but slender frame, and then has a little bit of texture to keep it from being too monotone.

But, this Fashionista’s outfit is completed with her makeup! She has an ivory, porcelain base and plain cheeks and lips to let her eyes really take center stage.

This works because she kept her outfit simple, and let her makeup be the big show stopper. It showed how beautiful she is (with or without makeup), but kept her from being too overwhelmed.

She sets the mood by filling out her eyebrows, so that her dark eyes illuminate her face. Then, she has a simple two fold eyeliner routine; gold on top, black winged-out liner on bottom.

This Fashionista definitely mastered the subtle-but-sexy vibe she had going for her. While she kept the rest of her makeup simple, she was able to impress an aura of elegance using minimal, and gorgeous, makeup.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Start off with a clean face (washed and all!). Then add primer and tinted moisturizer of your skin tone. Add a thick black liquid line that hits at your lash line and extends slightly beyond your crease. Next, create a gold liquid line that is a slightly thinner than the black eyeliner, but end it with your eye (in other words, don’t wing it). Finish off with some eyelash lengthening mascara and you’re good to go! And volia! You now have a go-to look that isn’t too much to wear during the day, but is a fun addition to any going out look!