There is something timeless and classic about a red lip. Maybe that is why everyone seems to constantly be on the search for the perfect, quintessential red lipstick. But if you have ever searched Google for “picking the right red lipstick,” you’ll know it comes up with endless results. Even after searching through some of these articles myself, I found that every feature says something completely different.

The reason for that is that ultimately every person is going to have their own perfect lipstick shade. It could range from crimson to blood-orange or pink undertones to vampy red. The options are endless, and the reason is that it’s not the shade itself, but how it looks against the wearer’s skin tone. While it depends person to person, a few simple guidelines are as follows: those with fair skin should seek reds with cooler, pink undertones, as it warms up the complexion. Those with a golden complexion should aim for a deeper, berry-like color which will radiate off the skin. Finally, those with a darker complexion can rock an opaque, blue-based red.

This Fashionista pulled out her own favorite shade of red, which has been a go-to for years. In order to keep the focus on her makeup, she paired her vibrant red lips with a neutral, flowy dress. In order to keep it daytime appropriate, she tossed on a denim vest, giving a more relaxed vibe. In order to add a little extra pizzazz, she pulled out her favorite criss-cross sandals with gold detailing to top off the outfit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, try different finishes of lipstick. Whether you prefer matte, glossy or a stain, there is something for everyone. Keep the rest of the look neutral and add a little bit of golden eyeshadow and bronzer for a true summertime look.