BEAUTY BAR: Girl Meets Curl

Calling all curly-haired cuties! Summer weather can be a recipe for disaster. Frizz, tangles and dryness are nothing out of the norm when it comes to dealing with curly hair. The combination between sweat and humidity can put quite a dent in your do, but this Fashionista shows that it is possible to have fabulous hair in unfavorable weather.

After years of straightening her curly locks, this Fashionista decided to take a step in the natural direction. After a big chop last year, she finally learned what works best for her hair and is all for sharing her tips and tricks. One of the ways she makes sure her curls stay healthy and voluminous is by using the LOC method.

LOC stands for “leave in, oil and cream.” She does this about two times a week, which leaves her curls ready to take on the world! The first step is “leave in.” Curly hair is already prone to dryness, so making sure that you have an incredible leave-in conditioner is a must-have. Next is the oil, and coconut oil is possibly one of this world’s greatest treasures. Coconut oil can be used for practically everything: cooking, removing makeup, moisturizing, growing hair and much more. This Fashionista loves using coconut oil to give her curls that extra boost of moisture. Flexibility is a major key to successful hair and to avoid crunchy curls; you can achieve this by opting for a curling cream instead of mousse.

Since creating the perfect hair recipe is a bit of work, this Fashionista likes to keep it maintenance-free with her outfits. This geometric printed dress was easy to slip on and off due to its airiness, and let’s not forget that yellow looks amazing on deeper skin tones. Stepping out of your comfort zone and playing with color this summer will definitely be worth the risk.

What shouldn’t be a risk is wearing your hair natural! All-natural hair even took New York Fashion Week by storm in the fall 2016 runway. Designers such as: Alexander Wang, Diane von Furstenberg and Carolina Herrera had their models donning fierce afros and curly hairstyles.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: For this look, you will need a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, leave-in conditioner, coconut oil and curling cream. Make sure to wash out the coconut oil before putting on curling cream.