BEAUTY BAR: Flower Power

Whether you spent this past weekend busting a groove at Bonnaroo or you’re looking forward to Lollapalooza, the time for flowers and fringe is upon us. Festival season is here and to that we rejoice. While we carefully select the perfect bohemian outfits, our beauty looks can also make a great statement.

This Fashionista is wearing a loose, white tunic that is perfect for hot summer days and black, heeled sandals. Her black hat and silver statement necklace bring a nice edge to the outfit. In the spirit of festival fashion, she has brought ‘60s inspiration to her makeup by applying eyeliner to her crease and red flower petals underneath her eyes. The iconic images of Twiggy come to mind.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get this look, start by preparing your eyelids with eye shadow primer. Next, map out the area where you want to apply the lines for a ‘60s mod look with a light brown eye shadow before you apply gel eyeliner to the area. This Fashionista says the lines will never be perfect, so you can make them look clean by concealing any mistakes and re-applying the eyeliner until you get the look you want. She also applied a thin line of eyeliner on her upper lash line and applied mascara on her eyelashes after curling them. After doing so, she put on falsies. She says to stay away from winged ones so nothing is taken away from the look. For the flower petals, she took different sizes of petals, from largest on the outside to smallest on the inside, and adhered them underneath her eyes with eyelash glue. Beware if you have latex allergies because the glue could irritate your eyes. To complete the look, she applied MAC’s All Fired Up lipstick to her lips to match the petals and lined her waterline with white eyeliner to make her eyes look brighter.