BEAUTY BAR: Florals and Flower Crowns

This Fashionista embodied two trends in her outfit. She not only had floral designs scattered throughout, but she modeled the infamous summer accessory trend, the flower crown.

The top of her high-low dress is covered in lace that takes the shape of scattered flowers and her sandals are lined with daisies. When she adds her baby blue and white flower crown, is it too much? I definitely don’t think so. This outfit works because the florals on her outfit are very subtle and not something you will notice right away. It’s only when you take a closer look at her that you see the intricate design on her top and the nude-on-nude layering of the flowers on her sandals. There is also the fact that not one color is too overpowering in her outfit. The baby blue and mint really connect with one another and are tied together by the white accents she added on her flower crown.

This Fashionista’s flower crown was actually a DIY project for her. She recalled the prices she saw at places like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 and realized it was cheaper to make one on her own. For the price of one flower crown at those stores, she created and customized two of her own.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this DIY flower crown, all you need is scissors, a glue gun, floral wire, floral tape and fake flowers of your choice from Michael’s. Take the flowers you bought and cut all the flowers and branches off of the stem. Then, take the remaining stem and round it into a circle. Next, wrap the floral wire around where the stem overlaps to keep it in place. Place some floral tape on top of the wire to avoid getting poked. Last, arrange the flowers how you want to arrange them and use the glue gun to glue them onto your crown.