BEAUTY BAR: Fifty Shades of Braids

Like any other college student I couldn’t be happier that summer is finally here! It’s finally time for an unhealthy amount of ice-cream shack trips and beach vacations. Sunbathing has become seemingly inevitable and when the heat gets too hot, poolside becomes pool plunge.

With your excessive amounts of fun in the sun, wearing SPF enriched foundations and BB creams have probably become somewhat of an addiction. Every Fashionista knows that beautiful skin is the perfect complement to any outfit. So though skin protection is a must, what about your hair?

Braids are a great way to protect your hair from chlorine and heat damage. Though it is a common misconception that braids help your hair grow, it undeniably aids in hair retention. By braiding your hair, you are forced to keep combing, brushing and tangling at a minimum. This ultimately prevents hair breakage and thereby promotes longer, healthier hair.

The fun thing about braids is that you have just as much freedom with the installation as you do with your natural hair. You can use extensions as a great way to try out different hair colors without the commitment or the damage. You can also choose from a twist installation or a braided installation, which is similar to that of this Fashionista. The size of each individual braid is also completely up to your discretion. Just bear in mind that the smaller the braid, the longer it will last. The versatility with the installation is endless and it doesn’t stop there. Styling your braids are entirely hassle free and heat free! All you have to do is wake up, envision a style and then execute it.

This Fashionista’s look is the definition of head–to-toe beauty. From her fabulous box braids to her fashion forward snakeskin sandals, this Fashionista knows how to do summer the right way. Her top gives the outfit the perfect splash of summer color while her black shorts help keep it balanced. Furthermore, styling her braids with a side swept bang into a half-up half-down hairstyle was both fashionable and effortless. This fashionista is COVERGIRL ready with this easy, breezy, beautiful look!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Head on over to your local beauty supply store to purchase your choice of extensions. Don’t be afraid to play around with texture (human or synthetic hair) and color. Once you’ve found a combination that best suits your style, intertwine your hair with the extensions from root to tip for the perfect installation. Though the braiding may take a bit of time and practice to master, once it’s done, styling is effortless. This trend is both protective and versatile, so embrace your fifty shades of braids!