BEAUTY BAR: Faux is the New Real

Natural hair is becoming more popular every day; Bantu knots and twist outs are the new weaves. The new trend with natural hair is faux locs. Faux locs are semi-permanent dreads made from yarn or synthetic hair that are wrapped around your natural hair. This trend is being spotted everywhere- red carpet events, festivals and at everyday activities.

Today’s Fashionista is rocking the faux locs with an Urban Outfitters bralette and American Apparel high-waisted Disco pants. Her cutout booties were a gift, but here is a similar look with a chained, ankle-strap bootie. She explained to me that her hair inspiration came from wanting to try something new, adding a hint of blonde to make her locs stand out! Her carefree vibes match perfectly with her faux locs! Her style is edgy Androgynous with a hint of femininity. This Fashionista revealed that a close friend did her faux locs.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? For this style, I recommend finding a professional who specializes in natural hair and faux locs. You should find the right texture of hair that blends with your natural hair. Synthetic hair is the most popular since it comes in multiple textures and has flexibility. Next, find a color that expresses your individuality, similar to the Fashionista above. Remember, this style is semi-permanent, so pick a color you would want to look at every day. Also, don’t forget that the longer the locs, the heavier the hair will be! Lastly, faux locs are the new trend for real locs; however, that doesn’t mean you should neglect them like you could do real locs. You should oil your scalp daily and wash or co-wash your hair biweekly.