BEAUTY BAR: Eye Spy a New Trend

Out of all my friends, I have the most lax beauty regimen. This is ideal when prepping for 9:00 AM classes since I run my Tangle Teezer through my hair (actually…mane), apply a light layer of BB creme, finish with mascara and voila. Unfortunately, prior to parties, my lack of expertise results in a war zone between beauty products and myself as I battle with eyeliner and attempt to operate a curling iron. This leads to my roommate aiding the war effort and taking over my beauty routine.

This summer I am recovering from the notorious sophomore slump and the effects of not having my roommate present to complete my hair and makeup. Part of my recovery entails that I put more effort into my beauty routine, especially since I need to convince the world that I have been reading Julius Caesar, making travel arrangements and sipping mimosas with friends by the pool—not catching up on sleep before I embark on my trip to England. So far, I have gained newfound respect for eye shadow and even more respect for that worn by this week’s Fashionista.

When one thinks of ombré, images of Sarah Jessica Parker and Alexa Chung come to mind; however, this Fashionista shows us that this trend can also take over our beauty bars. An ombre eye is perfect for summer, especially with the multitude of music festivals that will take place during the next two months.

Heed this Fashionista’s example as she wears the darker eye shadow on the outermost portion of her eyelids. The lighter two eye shadows should coalesce from this darker shadow, which does not have to be black. Black complements this Fashionista’s outfit, but festival season prides upon eccentricity. Opt for a deep purple or a bright blue that will rival the brightness displayed on the Cinque Terre if attending a festival this summer.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you will need an eye shadow palette that ranges from light to dark. For this Fashionista’s ombre eyes, use at least three shades that increase in darkness. The secret to achieving this look is to keep the rest of the makeup natural with a light lip gloss and minimal coverage so that full attention resides on your eyes.