BEAUTY BAR: Excuse my French

Another day is another opportunity to be bold and adventurous with your look! If you’re anything like me, you stick to what’s simple and easy when it comes to your hair. For me, if it isn’t down and pin straight, it’s in a top knot on the crown of my head. Especially in summer, I find myself yearning for a simple hairstyle to wick away the summer heat and give my look that extra oomph! Braids are the perfect solution if you’re not eager to dare to go there with completely changing your hair. There’s something so playful and cute about a simple braid or two!

This Fashionista chose to French braid a small front section of her hair and curl the rest of her long auburn locks. Her beachy waves perfectly complement the summery feel of her crisp white sundress. The braid adds a touch of femininity and flair while being practical in the gripping summer heat. Her girly curls and braid stand out against the solid contrasting colors in her look.

When you want to feature your hair in your look, wear something simple that will heavily contrast the natural color of your hair. If you’re a blonde go with black, navy and brown. If you’re a brunette, try yellow, pink and blue. You get the gist of it! This way, a passerby’s  eye is naturally drawn to notice your hair! There’s nothing more frustrating than trying a new look only to have it unnoticed. Make sure you steal the spotlight by wearing solid contrasting colors that highlight your fab new hairstyle.

Put a little adventure in your hair repertoire by trying a French braid with some beachy curls  the next time you’re feeling bold!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you’ll need an elastic hair band to secure your French braid, a curling wand and hairspray to make it all stay in place. A tip is to brush out your curls or run your fingers through them after they’ve been perfected in order to make them more wavy so you don’t resemble Shirley Temple. You can opt for more playful colorful and beaded hair ties to take your style to the next level. Also, if you’re new to French braiding, there are great tutorials online that make it easy peasy. A little practice and hairspray is all it takes to fall for French braids!