BEAUTY BAR: Edgy from Head to Toe

Nothing complements a nice fall day like a trendy face-shaping bang. During the summer, the sweltering heat causes bangs to sweat out. During the spring, the rain causes bangs to not last for more than an hour. So, what better season to rock bangs than winter?

This Fashionista decided to have her bangs grazed across her eyelashes for a more edgy look. Her extra big hoop earring creeping through her layers of hair added even more edge to her look. The length of the Fashionista’s bang allows it to look good with any style, whether it’s out and flowing like today or up in a topknot bun another day.

The edginess of this hairstyle certainly shows throughout this whole ensemble. This gray monochrome outfit serves as an extension to the edgy bangs hairstyle. From her lace-up top, to the platform sandals with socks for some added detailing, this Fashionista got everything right. To add to the monochrome look, she completed the look with a pair of gray jeans with knee rips.

Literally from head to toe this look is all around fun and edgy. It is so exciting to see a look that even has a hairstyle to complement the outfit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Want to get a cute, yet edgy look for your new 2016 look? It’s easy! Simply move a portion of your hair to the front and snip, snip, snip. This can be done on your own or at a salon, but it’s simply not rocket science. You can use this DIY tutorial and try it yourself. This is the first step to getting that edgy look with ease that you’ve always wanted.