BEAUTY BAR: Easy, Breezy, Summer

The summer is all about having the best casual beach look but still looking beautiful.
I rock a perfect example of how less makeup makes you look fresh and energized.

Connecticut is full of humid weather, we never know if our makeup will stay on at the beach or not. Are you always afraid to jump in that beautiful blue ocean because your makeup could run? With this look you can feel confident at the beach. All you have to do is keep it all-natural.

This look is all neutral nude colors. The nude color of this Fashionista’s dress is full of energizing summery vibes. Wearing a gold cross necklace brings to focus the bright her strong belief system. Wearing a nude lipstick gives this an effortless look. Her brown short boots make this look be able to go from the country side to a vibrant city.

Light mascara and eye shadow are a key component. You want to make your eyes pop, but not look as though you’re trying too hard or wearing too much makeup. College Fashionistas, you want to look as though you woke up like this. So a simple naked nude palette eye shadow and one stroke of COVERGIRL Lash Blast will work perfectly.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Are you on a budget? No need to spend 50 dollars on a naked palette; you can find less expensive brands that provide the same look.To create your simple, fresh, energized face, keep the makeup to a minimum. This look is all about mascara (waterproof of course!) and eyeshadow. If you feel you need a little more on your face grab a nice nude lipstick to top it off. Want to take your appearance to a whole new level? Add some bronzer and a little bit of blush and you will have the perfect sun-kissed skin. Shine bright, college Fashionistas!