BEAUTY BAR: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Color Girl

Hair and henna make up this hip Fashionista. Have you ever had those rebellious days where you want to shock the world? There is no better time than this summer. Take it from this wild child who rocks her carefree style everywhere she goes.

Summer brings a freedom that no other season does. You have more personal time to do whatever your heart desires. On top of that, you get to pick the people you see more often than not. This gives the best opportunity to change your look accordingly and get that extra shock factor when making the big debut.

This Fashionista explained this is her classic style. She has had pink ombré hair for a couple years, it is her everyday beauty statement. By ombré-ing her natural dirty blonde hair to pink, she has a classic take on the daring rainbow hair trend. She generally pairs her colored hair with blacks, white and pops of bright colors such as her pink sandals and seafoam green rain jacket.

Ever hear of the quote, “If you keep wearing it, it will eventually come back in style?” Well, the recent trends have proven this quote to be right! Overalls are not just for farmers and mechanics, ladies and gentlemen. Although you need to be a bit more confident in a fashion sense to make this statement, they truly can be practical, comfortable and incredibly stylish. The key is to avoid baggy shirts underneath and choose a wash that fits your wardrobe the best. Chokers also have made a strong comeback. Keep the chokers polished and sleek by choosing simple chains and pendants.

The rise of hennas has become a major fashion trend in the west. With festival season upon us, hennas are ideal for a standout look. Henna is cheap, lasts up to a week and even gives temporary tan lines!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this look, I suggest you get hair professionally done because sometimes bleaching it is required. Make sure to stock up on coconut oil to keep that hair healthy. Although ombré doesn’t take as much maintenance, you need to be aware of the color fading quickly. You can get henna done at studios, salons, independent booths or even purchase it online. If you are doing it yourself, make sure you have someone artistic around to give a helping hand.