BEAUTY BAR: Easy, Breezy and Definitely Beautiful

Although July in most American cities is scorching hot, cool days in Michigan are nothing out of the ordinary. Cool days make it even easier to capture the perfect casual look because you no longer have to worry about sweating off your makeup or ruining your straight hair that took you way longer than you’d like to admit to style. Breezy days, however, can be quite the challenge when trying to stay comfortable while also looking fabulous. While this Fashionista’s outfit is amazing, her hair is what truly grabbed my attention!

While I was struggling to keep my skirt down and my hat on my head, this Fashionista had no problem looking stunning. Keeping her hair up and natural only adds to the simplicity of her black and white stripes throughout her outfit. Her perfect complexion and subtle eye make-up only draws attention to her incredible eyebrows and jewelry. Light makeup like this Fashionista’s is the perfect daytime look because it is not only stress free, but carefree as well! Keeping your makeup light will only help you gain a complexion as perfect as this Fashionista’s by keeping your pores unclogged and your eyes bright.

Makeup and hair can often be a tedious task to complete before leaving the house every morning, but us fellow Fashionistas know that hair and makeup isn’t all that we have to worry about. Chipping nail polish can only stress you out more, so going with a simple top coat like this Fashionista ensures that you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, all you will need is a non-chipping top coat, eyebrow liner and your favorite foundation!