BEAUTY BAR: Dorothy Red

Colors, colors everywhere and never a dull moment! New Paltz weather is cheering up and college students are taking full advantage of the rising temperatures by increasing their makeup and clothing options.

I was walking around my campus when I came upon this lovely young woman. She wore a black peplum shirt, a floral kimono and a pair of cuffed denim jeans with white flip flops, but what really stood out to me about her ensemble was her makeup. This Fashionista’s red lips complement her delicate eye makeup and soften her nose ring. Red lips exude confidence, comfort and fun in one shade. This Fashionista is gorgeous and oozes happiness with a big smile. Red lips have been hailed as a classic and essential component of every woman’s repertoire, an instant aphrodisiac that have the ability to make an outfit. Unlike beauty trends that cannot be worn by everyone, such as crimped or ombré hair and tanning crazes, red lips have been sported by actresses of all hues. Marilyn Monroe was made famous by her red lips and Kerry Washington and Lupita Nyong’o wear variations of the signature color.

Humans, particularly women, have an interesting relationship with the color red. Within the world of flowers, red symbolizes passion or sexual love. Oftentimes in romantic stories, suitors would express offers of marriage to women by sending them a single red rose. In stories such as The Scarlet Letter and Anne of the Green Gables, red distinguished women through unique characteristics or isolation. Overall, the praise of red lips seems to reflect various Native American cultures that used red to symbolize strength and courage.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This Fashionista’s ensemble works because her clothes aren’t fighting for attention with her makeup. The neutrality of her shirt and pants allow for her red lips and kimono to shine through. In order to recreate this look, remember to KISS: keep it simple sweetie! Wear a plain black shirt, a patterned vest and light wash jeans with white flats. For eye makeup, frame your face by shaping your eyebrows and do a simple cat eye. These neutral choices allow you to go as bright or deep with your red lips as you want!