BEAUTY BAR: Don't Sweat It

As summer heats up, finding ways to stay cool becomes a key part of the day. Thanks to Sephora (and modern air conditioning technologies), though, there are a few tricks to looking cool and collected when you’re in a heat wave. Even when on a budget, it’s easy to piece together the seamless summer look. This Fashionista demonstrates some of the essential beauty tricks to beating the heat.

With temperatures hitting all time highs this summer (thank you global warming), there’s no need to add to the heat by using curling irons or straighteners. Let your natural locks flounce to feel refreshed and clean. This Fashionista uses a mousse to keep her curls looking perfect. Natural hair gives a more bohemian effect to any look—perfect for summertime. Avoiding heavy makeup is another essential for the season because sweat becomes unavoidable for anyone spending time outside (go outside!). Pairing dark, bold lips with light eye and face makeup is the best way to keep up with current beauty trends while keeping cool.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: The first step to getting this look is a deep lip color. I’m currently loving the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. Any light concealer and foundation will do; Sephora’s line has great affordable options. A highlighter for cheekbones is a fantastic way to add a little shimmer to your face when catching the light. This paired with minimal eye makeup creates a look that’s ready for sweat and sunshine. The final item to add to your cart: Aveda’s control paste. It works wonders for any hair type and will minimize frizz in humidity. Now go outside, soak up some Vitamin D and embrace the heat!