BEAUTY BAR: Don't Be Wary About Berry

Now that summer is finally in full swing here in Pittsburgh, it’s hot. Like really, really hot. It’s borderline miserable when you are outside. I mean c’mon, I’m just trying to look cute and I can feel my makeup melting and hair expanding. Meanwhile, this Fashionista is looking hot by maintaining her cool. While she’s rocking a light, summery, patterned dress, her berry lips and glowing skin are really taking her look the extra mile.

This Fashionista is a queen at keeping her makeup looking fresh in this heat. We all know the struggle of wearing a sticky foundation in the heat, or our eye shadow creasing in this kind of humidity. This Fashionista is wearing a berry colored lipstick, which accents her look without being too overwhelming or dramatic. It’s just an extra hint of elegance without feeling like too much in the middle of summer. She’s also wearing a shimmery highlight in the inner corner of her eyes; this keeps her face looking bright and sun kissed, rather than sweaty and hot.

Not only is her makeup looking great, but she’s staying trendy with her nails too! This Fashionista is wearing a bright pink nail polish to give her outfit a little more color. It’s the subtle pops of colors she’s added to her outfit that make her stand out in a sea of people. By keeping her makeup simple and just adding a bit of color on her lips and nails, she takes her outfit from put together to full on casually elegant!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this look try a berry lip stain or matte lipstick. A matte formula or stain will last all day, allowing you to apply once and get on with your life. This is great for us college students since we are constantly on the move. A simple highlight will really brighten up your face as well, and make you look more awake. Lastly, primer is key to this look; it’ll keep your makeup in place without having to wear a powder. Powder can feel super dusty on summer days so a primmer will help you look perfectly glowing and fresh faced without looking like you’re melting.