BEAUTY BAR: Day to Night Lipstick Duo

After a long day of walking to class and looking cute doing it, I hate having to rethink my makeup look. The delicate shade of pink that was perfect earlier is too boring for Friday night festivities. As you can see, this Fashionista has it all figured out. Her two-toned lips are perfect for hot summer days, while also bold enough to turn heads when the sun goes down. She’s ready to hit the town straight from campus! How might you get this look you ask? It’s simple. Pick a couple of your favorite colors and mix it up!

First, you should pick a color scheme. Lipstick pairs that are similar such as red and burnt orange or fuchsia and violet will create a smooth transition. The base lip color should be the lighter of the two. Make sure to apply it evenly, this way your lips wont look blotchy. Then, line the darker shade around the rim of your lips to give them a little dimension. Blending is essential to produce a subtle ombré. To achieve this effect, lightly touch your lips together a few times and voilà! Your lips are so pretty that your crush might even tell you to “pucker up!”

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Try to keep the rest of your makeup light. Apply a nice bronzer to give the face a natural glow. This lip look works best with a matte finish. Ruby Kisses by Kiss Cosmetics carries a variety of lipstick shades at college student friendly prices!