BEAUTY BAR: Dark Summer Haze

In the summer, less is more. The high temperatures, humidity and rainy days can become a nuisance. With things to do and places to go, staying in is the last thing that you can do. When it comes to the clothes you wear, the fewer articles of clothing you have on, the easier it is to tolerate the heat. The same thing goes for your face. Putting on makeup in the summer can lead to a negative and awkward situation. No one looks good with creasing concealer and running eyeliner. Whenever I do my makeup in the summer, I am sure to only use things that will hold up in the heat and last even while I’m dripping sweat. Also, waterproof everything is a must.

On a very hot and sunny day, I spotted this Fashionista. She is wearing a vintage Kiss T-shirt with a pair of denim shorts and black Converse. It’s a great and simple summer outfit bound to keep you cool and comfortable. What drew me to her was her dark lipstick and accessories. This Fashionista had a natural look with her makeup, and it was just enough. Mascara to lengthen her lashes and a gorgeous deep red lipstick added an edge to her look. The summer sun gave her a natural glow, which means she can skip the highlighter. She also had a dainty septum piercing and a jeweled ear cuff that was the perfect final touch. Not many people would opt for dark lipsticks in the summer. Pinks, nudes and oranges have been taking over all spring and summer. Seeing this deep red color on this Fashionista reminded me that not only can you wear any lip color any time of the year, but also that fall is coming soon! But before that time of the year rolls around, I’ll begin digging for my favorite deep lip colors and pairing them with my favorite summer outfits.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To give this look a try, wear minimal makeup. Usually a BB cream, a few swipes of mascara, cream blush and a lipstick is just enough. If you want to put a twist on it, try a dark red or purple lipstick just like this Fashionista.