BEAUTY BAR: Curly Qs And Blues

July 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer heat and humidity is not very nice to the hair, as some of us know all too well. Although the warmer weather does wonders for the skin and overall well-being, hair is a whole different story. In the warmer months, I prefer to wear my curly hair as well as see other Fashionistas rock their naturally curly hair too. The hassle of straight hair, frizz and horror is not something you want to deal with in the summer. I like how this Fashionista embraced her curly hair with her chic outfit for a windy yet humid summer day.

This Fashionista wears her hair in a half up, half down style showcasing her face which also helps with coolness in the hot times. She also has a slight ombré effect going on with her curls. The subtle ombré is a nice way to change up your hair for the summer without making any drastic changes. It helps to brighten up your face and add a little bit of color to it.

The ombré in her hair mirrors her outfit in an interesting way. The transition from black to dark brown to medium brown in this Fashionista’s hair is similar to the variations of blues in her jeans, top and cropped cardigan. Besides the color, her outfit is great for summer. Tops with ties or knots in the front is a summer trend that I see leading into the fall and ripped jeans are always in style.

Curly hair, especially in the summer, allows you to stand out and it goes with every outfit. You know how super straight hair doesn’t quite go with everything? Curly hair never disappoints and you can style it in several different ways.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? For naturally curly haired girls, the solution is quite simple: Target or CVS is your best friend. Frequent these stores to stock up on products (try SheaMoisture or Carol’s Daughter) that will enhance and define your curls. For all other manes, the curling wand will work wonders for you.