Cue the curls; it’s time for those bad boys to make an appearance!

In the past, the trendy thing to do was flat-iron, straighten and level out all waves present. Stick straight was the way to go. Hence the uproar of the Brazilian Blowout, where maintaining low frizz, canceling the kinky curls and achieving maximum smoothness was the ultimate goal. But lately, as this Fashionista already knows, curls are making a comeback. Naturally curly hair worked much of the runway for the reveal of many spring 2016 collections this year. From the models wearing Tommy Hilfiger’s Bob Marley-inspired beachwear to the gloriously feministic pieces adorning the models in Diane von Furstenberg’s collection, designers displayed curls for days. Each of these designers understood the significance of their actions when they held a place for curls to be presented, strutted and ultimately loved by everyone watching.

This Fashionista did the same when pairing her curls with a faux fur collared burgundy coat and a bright blue and black printed winter crop top. The inconsistency of patterns exudes a sense of relaxed trendiness that we all wish we could obtain on a daily basis. Her knee-high black leather boots continue to emphasize the edgy vibe she is aiming for with this look. The streak of bronzy blonde across the front of her mane is an excellent indication that she knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to accentuating the natural perfection of the kinky curl. Curl envy is becoming a widespread epidemic, and we’re all catching the fever!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This curl fanatic suggests using any type of shea moisture cream and LottaBody Curl & Style Milk for the kinkiest and most flawless of curls. She also says that contrary to popular belief, adding a little spritz of color on your locks won’t noticeably affect your curl pattern, so if you’re looking to spice things up, don’t hesitate to go for it head first.