BEAUTY BAR: Crowning Glory

I love hair and I think it is one of the greatest features we have. You can cut it, dye it and distort it in so many creative ways and, here’s the kicker it grows back. Some people are very particular about their hair, but I am not one of those people. I make very rash decisions, like my freshman year of college when I got a pixie. I really liked it for a while, but then I was over it and wanted nothing more than to have long hair that ran down to the floor. I guess you can say I am the girl who wants what she can’t have.

And I know that I will never have long thick full hair like the Fashionista pictured here as her hair is absolutely stunning and looks great with her summer attire. When dressing I recommend doing your hair last so you can pair it with your look of the day. This Fashionista keeps it cool and casual by pulling her hair back with a trendy side braid. To me, she resembles a modern day Greek goddess with a braided crown resting atop her head. Her dressy loose-fitting blouse looks great joined with her denim shorts and black Converse. It’s funny as the top and bottom half portions of this photo are polar opposites. The top is feminine and classic while the bottom half is relaxed and edgy, forming a great summertime look.

 What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this summer side braid you need to start with the essentials. If you don’t already have one you should probably invest in a bristle brush. This is a great way to break through the knots and create a smooth base layer. To create more texture spray some dry shampoo into your hair, adding more volume and dimension. Mini elastic bands will hold your hair back and gives your braid a polished finished touch. After creating the perfect braid, use a toothbrush to rough up your look for a more natural and bohemian feel.