BEAUTY BAR: Como la Flor

The flower: one of the most beautiful and delicate things on his earth (such as baby’s breath or a rose). Also something shades of lipstick are named after. Once summer comes around, it leaves people and flowers alike feeling a bit wilted when they just can’t take the heat. During this time of year, people often look for easier ways to work their makeup, usually sweating it off anyway. To pep things up, using a bright lipstick is effortless quick-fix that still looks beautiful.

This Fashionista pictured is wearing a liquid matte rose color inspired by the late singer, Selena Quintanilla, known for her dark eyebrows and full, colorful lips, who has become a fashion and beauty icon for girls even today. During Summer, light and bright colors are always a good way to keep it cool. This shade of red in particular is especially fun and bright with the way this Fashionista paired her lip color with a flower T-shirt, intermingling fashion, beauty and flowers. She accessorized this look with large hoop earrings, attracting focus to her face.

Options for matte lipsticks are endless nowadays, and as long as it’s quick easy to apply, you’re good! When in doubt, pick a color you love. When lips are matched with a top, it makes the whole look bloom.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR?: To recreate this look, you need a liquid matte lipstick of any color, as well as an eyebrow pencil for definition. Make sure to keep your makeup on the fun and unusual side—this will guarantee you’ll both stand out, save time and save face each morning applying your makeup.