BEAUTY BAR: Color Me Pink

My relationship with summer has always been a bittersweet one. One of the greatest things about this time of the year is that it’s the perfect time to rock fun patterns with your clothing or vibrant colors with your make up. On the other hand, the scorching weather can leave many of us with suffering from makeup meltdowns. This Fashionista manages to take on the heat while staying glamorous.

The usual rule of thumb in the makeup world has always been bold eyes and a neutral lip or vice versa. This Fashionista, however, manages to break the ancient rule in a flawless way. She enhances her almond eye-shape with her stunning eyeshadow combination. The pink and purple eyeshadow matches perfectly with the flower detailing in her blouse and her glowing skin. She kicks things up a notch by adding a beautiful highlight color in her inner corners. This Fashionista is able to avoid the oh-so-dreaded makeup melt-down by keeping her foundation light and natural. She pulls the entire look together with her soft, pink lipstick. This Fashionista is ready to turn heads wherever she goes!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this looks you need a soft pink eyeshadow to apply all over the lid and then apply a purple eyeshadow to the crease. Finish off the eyes by dabbing a highlight color in the center of the your eyelids and drag it along your inner corners until you reach the middle of your waterline. This will help to elongate your eye shape. Use a light-coverage foundation or you can skip the foundation and just apply concealer to any problem areas.  Feel free to add bronzer if you want to go for a dewy look. Finish off the look with a creamy, pink lipstick! Now you, too, can rock a RAD makeup look in the sizzling heat!