BEAUTY BAR: But First, Lipstick!

Winter has finally arrived and the new semester has just begun. Surprisingly enough, on the very first few weeks of school and with all this winter rush, I spotted a very bright Fashionista walking with confidence, style and personality who showed me that winter does not always have to be that “dark” if you’ve got a little extra bold attitude.

This Fashionista’s style was remarkably trendy and very comfortable for the season. Combining the long sleeve striped top with a fuzzy vest was a great idea since it not only warmed her up more, but it gave the Fashionista a touch of elegance. Vests are the new must-have item. They go well with a variety of different looks in a variety of different seasons. Wearing jeans kept the overall look chic but still casual for a busy day of classes. She then topped it off with brown boots, which matched very well with the beige shade of her vest.

What truly caught my attention on this Fashionista was not only her fashionably impeccable look but her makeup and hair. I am still a strong believer that curly hair is elegant and chic and that red lipstick is simply classy. There was no better way to complete her look than to adding a vibrant red lipstick with a natural overall makeup and some hair curls to add that special charm to the attire. Needless to say, she ROCKED her look!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Lipsticks have the power to add a special touch to any look; you just got to know what color is right for each outfit and occasion. If you would like to keep it classy as this Fashionista did then try out a MAC red or nude lipstick. However, if you would like to try something new and still be right on-trend then try out a purple lipstick. Also, to change things up a little, try curling or straitening up your hair for classes sometimes; it will give a totally different perspective on your look. Lastly, don’t forget to be yourself. Show off your personality and confidence around campus and wherever you go. Burt first, lipstick!