BEAUTY BAR: Burgundy Goes Edgy

Whether you’re talking a stroll through State Street or hastily trying to pass the busy crowds to get to somewhere, make it your advantage to turn heads as you go.

The summer is a great time to show off new looks and sport new trends.

Colored lipstick has been a staple to many women for years. It’s used to make and create a bold, long lasting statement, express unique individuality and show off personal style. This trend has never left; however it’s producing a scene like never before.

This Fashionista rocks an edgy but subtle burgundy lipstick. One reason that this look works is because the color pops so well against her skin. Burgundy is a beautiful color on any skin color and can make a great impression. Another reason this look works so well is the shirt. She wears a plaid shirt from Forever 21 that happens to be the same color as her lipstick. That gives everything a layered look. To me, if a person was to see her, they would be drawn from her lipstick to her shirt and finally to the rest of the outfit making a wandering eye effect. Well, that’s how it was with me.

I really enjoy when outfits look balanced so it was exciting to see such a nice connection between her makeup and her outfit.

She also wears a vintage “The Doors” T-shirt she purchased from a local Vermont thrift store, black combat boots from Akira, a book bag from Forever 21 and a black choker.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this simple look, anything can be used at your disposal: colored lip gloss, lipstick or even DIY lip gloss from Pinterest! Whatever color you prefer would be recommended since you’ll enjoy the results more but any colored lip gloss or lipstick can be used. Depending on the shine level you want, check with the brand that you will be using. If you want to intensify the look, use a lip pencil as well. Get creative, choose one that you will like and have fun!