BEAUTY BAR: Brunch to Beach Buns

With all the heat that summer brings, it’s essential to find a go-to hairstyle that you can count on to keep your locks out of the way. The half-bun, sometimes referred to as “the hun,” quickly became a trend in 2015 and has remained a popular choice in 2016, as well. Style icons like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff have all been seen wearing top-knots to not only workout in but, also, to more formal events. Braids might be making a comeback, but this look won’t be going out of style any time soon.

This Fashionista takes her half-bun from brunch to the beach by pairing the up-do with distressed denim shorts, a flowy high-neck bikini top and a kimono to pull the whole outfit together. By throwing her beachy waves into this top-knot, she creates the perfect effortless look for these hot summer afternoons.

This look pairs best with messy waves and some “natural” texture. Another way to spice this look up is by adding some unexpected braids. By braiding your ponytail before creating the bun, this boho look becomes a must for music festivals coming up this season. Whether you’re throwing it up on-the-go or want to create a more polished version of this look for a night out, it’s bound to be a hit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Want to recreate this trend? Grab a fine tooth comb and section off a top layer of your hair with a tight elastic, just about an inch above the ears. Use a texturizing sea salt spray below the pony and tease at the roots below the part you’ve created. Take the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic until you’ve created the bun you desire and tie off with another tight elastic. To add some flair, pull gently at the bun to create a more beachy look or grab a curling wand and add some waves to the rest of your hair. Don’t forget, the messier the better!