BEAUTY BAR: Browns And Bobs

Every time I wake up and peep through my blinds to see the sun shining and the birds chirping, it looks like the perfect recipe for a beautiful day. But as usual, Mother Nature decides to pull a few tricks from up her sleeve and proves me wrong. One moment I find myself hiding in the shade to avoid sweating in the sun and the next I am hiding under a building to avoid harsh rains and strikes of lightening. While I am preoccupied with staying hidden, this Fashionista has found ways to remain dry and in style. Aside from her bright floral romper, it is her shoulder length bob and natural brown makeup that highlight the look.

The success behind a flawless look in unpredictable weather is maintaining a natural face of makeup, while complementing it with a short hairstyle to keep you cool. With such a bold outfit, it is important to not overdue your makeup and throw off the balance of your look.

Understanding that her skin balanced perfectly with the yellow covering the sunflowers of her romper, this Fashionista made the smart choice of accentuating her natural browns. Her brown lip and soft brown eye shadow do not overpower her face and her short, bob hairstyle makes her features pop out even more. Remembering to keep a natural face with your hair kept short or pulled back, you will be just like this Fashionista—prepared for any weather.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, a natural lipstick and eyeshadow palette. Remember not pile on the makeup to heavy and try using a matte foundation for better coverage and that will work well with the sun. Keep your hair short and cute, and you are ready for summer as well!