BEAUTY BAR: Bronze Beauty

Summer is all about that bronze glow. Everyone tries to achieve this look to look sun kissed and look like they’ve been sitting in the sun all day. What people don’t know is that you can achieve this look by just using makeup! Although it may be a healthier idea to get some sun, sometimes work and duties get in the way. This Fashionista is rocking the bronzed makeup with a summery outfit to match!

The makeup this Fashionista is sporting is a bronze smokey eye with a pink and nude lip. The makeup along with her outfit fits well because it looks like an effortless summer look. She paired the makeup look with a yellow tank top, which is perfect to go along with her summer glow! She also paired her outfit with a pair of boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend jeans go well with this outfit because they give a laid back look as if she were to stroll on the beach. She added a jean blouse to go around her waist to add character. The blouse includes a skull design that adds a bit of edge to her outfit.

The beauty trend that this Fashionista is exemplifying is simple to recreate. Even if you are not a makeup junkie, these simple steps can help you achieve this look. First, before you do the eye makeup, find a highlighter that is more warm toned than cool toned to put on the high points of your face. This will give the illusion that your skin is glowing from the sun. Next, you can start with the eye makeup. What you will do is add a light gold shade of eyeshadow on the first half of your eyelid. Then, add either a matte brown or shimmery brown to the outer corner of the eye, blending it in with the light inner corner; but remember, make sure you don’t put the color all over the lid—just in the outer corners. Next, add a slightly winged liner on the top lid. Finally, don’t forget mascara. The final touch is a nude lip. Add a balm or gloss over the top that allows your natural lips to show through.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Items to recreate this look that you will need are an eyeshadow palette that has a lot of bronzed eyeshadows, a light colored lip balm or gloss and a warm colored highlighter.