BEAUTY BAR: Bring On The Red

I’ve never personally believed in the hype of poking fun at the redhead minority. In actuality, I admire those men and women who can rock red hair as it is such a bold statement. It can take a normal outfit and make it look high fashion or in general, more sophisticated. If you take a look around, the number of redheads is growing from strawberry blonde to dark red, the “gingers” are taking over, and I absolutely love it.

Today’s Fashionista is showing how to style the red hair trend in a way that is effortless for summer. While her hair is dyed, it looks natural because of the ombré effect. Her roots are her natural dark brown color, and it slowly fades into a deep red. By styling her hair this way, with brown pieces of hair mixed in with the dark red sections, not only is her hair on trend, but it also is easier to maintain. A complete dye to red from brown, from root to tip, would require frequent maintenance and as college students, we just don’t have time for that.

Today’s Fashionista let her hair dry naturally, which in her case allowed a tousled, voluminous style that looked carefree and easy to do. To keep the red shade throughout her look, she wore a red, floral printed dress (here is a similar one). She finished off with a pair of sparkly, platinum Jack Rogers sandals that brought a touch of dressiness to an otherwise relaxed summer outfit while her red hair ties this whole look together. It is pleasing to the eye and adds a bold surprise to her overall look. Not to mention it reminds me of the dark red shade of Julia Robert’s hair in my all-time favorite movie Pretty Woman, so that makes everything about today’s Fashionista perfect in my book.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get a similar shade of red, try the L’Oréal Paris Feria multi-faceted shimmering color in the shade Midnight Ruby or Deep Burgandy Brown 36. Or ask your stylist for a similar color by the Redken Chromatics line.