BEAUTY BAR: Bright Locks

Often times, we are judged by our wardrobe choices. What made you decide the blazer over the military jacket? Why did you opt for dainty accessories over statement pieces? These choices ultimately dictate how we are perceived. The way that you dress can make a bold statement.

However, for this Fashionista, it’s all about her bright locks. Her tresses make a statement of their own. While they only get recognition in the springtime, pastel colors are youthful and lively, appropriate for any and every environment. She proves that you can rock the pastel look year around. 

And while her hair remains one of the more unique elements of her look, it also works to complement her classic style. This knit, long sleeved shirt and plaid skirt combo is the perfect go-to, especially in the midst of holiday parties and New Year preparations. The look is incomplete without her pair of wine colored oxfords, which are versatile enough to be dressed up or down. What I love most about this Fashionista is her choice of accessories. The matching beret and small tasseled backpack provide the finishing touches. They serve to add a Parisian touch while still retaining a laid-back feel.

Also on trend is her makeup look, which ties all of the components together seamlessly. This look is marked by pink hues, encompassing her eyeshadow and matte lipstick. These allow for continuity, as they evoke similarities in the shades from her hair while not distracting us from her fashionable choices. The smoked out eyeshadow effect plays with an element of innocence, which adds another dimension to this Fashionista’s style.

This It girl is setting trends on her college campus that will soon make their way into the fashion scene. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner: take note.