June 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer is a season filled with sweltering heat, salty air and major humidity, aka hair’s biggest nightmare. Spending money on a blow-out or wasting time straightening your hair over the summer will surely kill your mood as your hair will immediately begin to frizz up once the hot air hits it. Braids are not only trendy and convenient as they keep unwanted hair out of your face, but they are also so easy to style. There are so many different looks you can recreate with a braid. You can be extra summery and sport a fishtail braid, embrace your inner middle school days with two braids on the sides of your head, keep your hair tightly pulled back in a French braid or quickly throw your hair to the side in a messy braid.

This Fashionista had just returned from the beach on a Sunday afternoon. Her blonde highlights really stuck out in her messy fishtail bread. After fishtailing her hair to the side, she pulled out some strands in the front to get that messy look everybody knows and loves. Since her hair is so long, she threw it to the side after braiding it to show off her trendy up-do. Braids are convenient, comfortable and super easy to learn how to do. Check out YouTube for any step-by-step tutorials on how to perfect any braid.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you need a durable hair tie, some hair spray, bobby pins for stray hairs, and any other accessory you want to add onto the look (aka a chic clip or headband). Make sure to stand between two mirrors as you work on your braid to allow you to keep an eye on the finished product.