BEAUTY BAR: Braids for Days

BEAUTY BAR: Braids for Days

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer so far! My summer is about to get a lot better. I’m typing up this post as I wait in the terminal for my flight to Paris. Keep your eyes open for some fabulous street style and travel tips from the fashion capital of the world, mes amis!

Until I get there, I am obsessed with this Fashionista’s look, especially her bold, beautiful braids! I just chopped my hair off so I’m feeling extra jealous of these super stylish, shoulder sweeping strands. I also love her simple and elegant outfit to match. It was chillier in New York City when I photographed this Fashionista, but she still looks bright and cheery for the summer.

My favorite part of this outfit is that fabulous burgundy top! It’s extremely simple, but the lace keeps it interesting—not to mention, its placement at the neckline perfectly frames her lovely hair style and beautiful face. Pairing this top with some classic skinny jeans worked super well, especially tucked into a pair of tall riding boots (heeled booties with cutouts would be great for warmer temperatures!). The whole outfit is classic and looks so comfortable for walking through the city all day. For those of you travelling this summer, this would be a great style to mimic in order to avoid looking like a tourist. I might pull the same outfit myself!

Braids are also a great style to travel with. They keep hair up and away from the face on even the hottest summer days. My favorite thing about them is that they add an instant bit of sophistication and class with very little effort. Another plus? Braids can be worn all day and taken out after for some gorgeous waves perfect for dancing the nights away.

I wish that my cropped bob would allow for this kind of style, but no worries, Fashionistas, I tried it out on my sister to get you some tips!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Spritz some texturizing spray over your hair for a good grip. Create two braids, one on each side of the face going toward the back of the head. Tie that off with a baby elastic and braid into the rest of the hair going down the back. Don’t worry if it looks a little messy or pieces fall out, just tell everyone you’re going for something more bohemian!