BEAUTY BAR: Braids for All

Think about when you wake up to create your outfit. You’ve got the clothes, the shoes, the accessories. The one thing that many people forget about that counts as part of their outfit? Hairstyle! Sometimes your hairstyle not only accompanies your outfit but it sometimes makes or breaks the entire outfit. It can even change your outfit look too. If you wear a simple outfit but curl your hair and makes it glamorous, your entire look changes.

Here, we have this Fashionista wearing the cutest outfit. She’s got her jeans, a simple tank top accompanied with a patterned kimono, black booties and wearing a black Michael Kors purse. The one thing that makes her outfit stand out is her braid. The braid brings out the entire outfit and makes it look much cuter and put together. It gives it more of a fun look. If she wore her hair down, the outfit would have had more of a serious look to it, but the braid adds a little fun to the the whole outfit. It all depends on what look you’re going for.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: As you can see, something as simple as a different hairstyle can change the entire vibe of your outfit! This braided look is so simple, anyone can do it! All you need is a hair tie, hair pins and some hairspray. To see how to do the basic braid, like this Fashionista did, find a cute tutorial on YouTube. Thanks for keeping up with this semester Fashionistas/os. Until next time!