BEAUTY BAR: Braided Illusions

From the streets to the runway, shaved heads are in high demand. Stars, such as Demi Lovato and Cara Delevingne, have been dominating this edgy hairstyle while still flaunting their own unique looks. As fun as these undercuts can be, they also bare a huge commitment. For those of us a little more than hesitant about making such a dramatic statement, braids offer a great alternative and easy way to test the waters, before diving in roots first.

As the summer progresses, getting out of bed seems harder and harder and doing your hair and makeup becomes a struggle in itself. Achieve an easy, yet put together look with a faux shave. Claim it as your own by lining two french braids against the side of your skull that mirrors your natural part. You can toss these braids in your hair when you wake up for a casual day at the beach, or wear them with sleek straightened hair for a funky night out.

This Fashionista pairs her otherwise relaxed hairstyle with a bold striped crop top and fitted black high-waisted shorts. Keeping it all about the faux shave, she subtly elevates her look with a rosy lip and fierce cat eye. Her jelly sandals soften her ensemble, adding a child-like wonder to her take on modern grunge.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you need bobby pins, as well as a texturizing spray. Mist the spray and scrunch your hair afterwards to avoid crunchy, unnatural waves. Be sure to tuck the braids under the rest of your hair to make it look professionally styled.