BEAUTY BAR: Braided Headband

As much as a pair of shoes are a key component to your overall look, so is your hair. Whether you have long hair or short hair, with a few pins, a bottle of hairspray and or hair ties, you are able to style your hair to match your outfit.

This Fashionista decided to braid her hair into a naturally made headband. From her right to left, she sectioned off hair and braided outward to make it look like and function as a headband. Instead of letting the braid end at her ear, she decided to continue the braid all the way till the end of her hair.

By making her braid into a headband, this Fashionista was able to keep her hair out of her face while adding a girly vibe to her overall look. In addition, since the “headband” is her very own hair braided, she didn’t have to spend any money to buy an actual headband. Headbands also tend to have an accent peace on it as well (like a ribbon, jewels or some other accessory on either the slightly right or left side of the band). This Fashionista decided to style her braided headband with her two ribbon clips in order to add to the “kawaii” (cute in Japanese) factor of the overall look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? In order to recreate your very own natural headband, all you will need is a small hair tie and medium to long hair to braid. You can also add your own twist to the look by putting in a ribbon clip or decorated pin as an accent to the headband as well.