BEAUTY BAR: Braid It Your Way

This summer, there are many trends that we are keeping our eye on. Many of these trends are beauty trends. Just like accessorizing, having the perfect hair, makeup or nails can really add to a look and complete it. Many times, the first thing that us Fashionistas notice is a hairstyle or nail color, and we are instantly compelled to ask the Fashionista donning the beauty trend a little bit more about it.

When walking around on campus, this Fashionista immediately caught my eye. Her hair was so amazing and intricate. Her braided up-do was so on trend and really added more interest to her business savvy look. Braids are all the rage right now. We all have those lazy days where we don’t feel like doing our hair, so right now the go-to for those days are messy braids. There are so many different braids that can be worn, and they actually give a different style to each look. From French braids to fishtails, the options are endless.

Another beauty trend that this Fashionista featured was the optic white nail color. Optic white has been a major color featured on runway shows and has also been seen on street style stars. It has been carried from fashion to beauty especially in this Fashionista’s look. The bright white nail polish really is a great color for the summer. It goes with any outfit, and I don’t know about you, but I always love when my nails match my look.

This summer don’t be afraid to try out some braided hairstyles and brighten up your beauty with optic white. You won’t be disappointed, and you will be on trend like this Fashionista on campus.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? How can you attain those braids, even if you don’t know how to do them? Tutorials on YouTube are my go-to to attain these looks. All you need is a comb, some rubber bands and patience and you will have this look in no time. Optic white nails are so easy to attain. Many different brands have white nail polish, so once you find the perfect white, stick to it.