BEAUTY BAR: Bountiful Braids

It’s mid-July and about as hot as it is ever going to be up here in Northeast Ohio, and with the sun blazing there are countless Fashionistas wandering the streets in search of a way to cool off. During the summer months, long locks can be both a blessing and a curse, and while I have recently shorn mine off, many other girls have found chic ways to stay cool while their tresses stay intact.

Although I have given up on keeping cool with long hair, this tousled braid is doing just that in this Fashionista’s chic look. Braids are a staple of the long summer months: side, fishtail, French, there are countless iterations of the timeless classic. Not only does a braid pull long hair back and away from the face, it also keeps the hair more or less up, cooling you off. This Fashionista’s classic side braid completely pulls together her chic look. Tousled and casual, the braid adds an almost beachy element to the look.

The key to the perfect hairstyle is to have it elevate the overall look and ultimately tie it all together in some way. Donned in her pleated striped dress and chunky wedge sandals, this Fashionista’s simple side braid does just that. This Fashionista “threw on” a couple classic silver pieces of jewelry which finished off the look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: It doesn’t take all that much to complete this classic look. A couple of bobby pins, a hair tie and a bit of lightweight hairspray to take care of any pesky fly-aways. To add a bit of texture to the hair try adding a bit of sea salt spray to the hair before braiding it and pinning back any stray hairs.