BEAUTY BAR: Boho Vibes Everywhere

Ever seen someone who looked like they walked straight out of a Pantene commercial? That’s essentially what I felt when this Fashionista passed me today in the shopping center. Her long, beachy waves naturally caught my attention. Wavy hair is completely on-trend for this summer and it’s a repetitive trend that never goes away. I mean who doesn’t want to look like they have natural, beautiful waves? The great thing about this hairstyle is you can achieve it whether your hair is naturally straight or naturally curly; it just takes the right products. This style also works well on any length of hair. Though my hair is shoulder length, I can still recreate this look with great results.

This Fashionista’s hair was the reason I started snapping her photos, but her outfit equally matched the boho vibe her hair was giving off. She was wearing a dramatically long tank top that hang around her knees in the back but stopped just below her belly button in the front. She also made the decision to purposefully belt the shirt along with her denim cut-offs. This added depth to her outfit and helped accessorize it as well. At first glance, I thought she was wearing a dress but she turned around and I saw her peekaboo shorts. She finished the look with layered necklaces and matching colored shoes. Her entire look seemed effortless but was something I wanted to recreate and help you all recreate as well.

Before learning how to recreate her long waves, start your look with a bohemian-inspired outfit. Stick with earth tones like deep reds, taupe, olive and neutral colors as well as looser silhouettes. Once you have that down, you’re ready to move on to the hair!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate her wavy locks, begin by determining your own natural hair pattern. Do you have straight hair? Try using a sea salt spray to mimic beachy waves. Spritz lightly in your hair and then scrunch your hair and mess with it until you get the desired look. What about curly hair? Use a curl stretching product and deep moisturizer to stretch your curls, not only will your hair be super moisturized but with all that moisture, your curls will loosen and be shiny too! Did you luck up with wavy hair? Well, keep rockin’ that natural beauty!