BEAUTY BAR: Boho Braids

June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

I usually always end of wearing my hair the same way: down. But when summer hits, soothing products and flat irons, are no match for Florida humidity. That sleek and shiny hair you left your house with will soon be a ball of frizz the minute you step outside.  Welcome to the Florida.

While my wardrobe changes for the summer heat, so does my hair. When summer rolls around, I always want to get a drastic haircut and go short, but after seeing this Fashionista, I’ve realized long hair is also perfect for this weather. This Fashionista totally rocks a perfect go-to look with braids. We’ve all done it, you know, spent hours on Pinterest scrolling through “Cute Easy Hairstyles” or “How To Hair Styles”, only to find that the three strand fishtail with a French braid inside was not as easy as the step by step pictures made it seem. So what is the solution: boho braids.

Since this Fashionista’s outfit is paired with some black combat boots and print leggings, her hair gives the perfect amount of softness and coolness for her summer style.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look you will need some clear snag free elastics, texture adding sea spray, as well as, nutrient rich finishing spray! Part your hair down the center, and tease each side with some sea spray to add texture. Braid each side with a long simple braid (like pigtails!) and tie it off with a clear elastic. Create the look by carrying the left braid across the crown of your head to the right side and the right braid across to the left. Secure the braids with bobby pins, and pull apart the braids to make them look messy and thick! (This is the key step for creating that boho style!). Finish it all off with some shine. Add some Argon oil spray for a finished look, and to keep it in place!