BEAUTY BAR: Boho Beauty

July 24th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello, ladies and gents! Style Guru Sahana here, bringing you a little extra beauty to brighten up your week. To speak the truth, all of us have been trying to achieve that “Coachella” festival look ever since we saw Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus rock the hippie look first. There are so many easy ways to drown ourselves in flower crowns and fringe, so this week I am helping create a totally boho up-do!

Any style that is braided and beautiful screams Coachella. So, whatever style you choose to create, whether it is this one or a rendition of it, always include braids for that angelic and hippie look. To achieve this look, start off by braiding your hair the night before in two separate braids before going to bed. Braid to the absolute bottom and secure each braid with a clear elastic. The next morning, undo your braids and you should be left with beachy waves. Next, spray some sea salt spray in and scrunch to your liking. Next, grab one small section of hair from each side and braid loosely towards the back of your hair. Secure the braids together with a hair tie by looping once and then pulling some hair out as if you are making a “mini-bun” the second time around. Lastly, tug on the braids a bit to make them a little more messy, and pull out some hair from the front to frame your face and you are done!

To go along with the hippie vibe, this Fashionista paired her up-do with a lace, off-the-shoulder top and some low-rise cargo cut-offs. On her feet, she is rocking some camel colored ankle booties with buckles and mesh detailing to add some edge. Lastly, she added in some dainty jewelry pieces to top off the look.

Hope this gave all you Fashionistas a little weekly inspiration to play with your hair and take on a new look!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To achieve this look, all you need is a couple of clear hair elastics, sea salt spray and just a little bit of time! Try pairing this updo with light colors and some light makeup. Just a bit of mascara, some peach blush and light tinted lip gloss will do the trick!