The boho look is all about going against the grain and being bold, but using your natural beauty to do it. By emphasizing on your natural beauty you not only will stand out to others, but also to yourself. I know that a lot of us in our college years might struggle with self-esteem issues. We look at other people and think, why can’t my face look like hers, or why can’t my hair look like his? So we cut and we dye and we pack on tons of makeup all in the efforts to seem more beautiful. However, we somehow overlook this effortlessly beautiful body that we were born with. We fail to realize that what really makes people beautiful are their differences and their confidence in these natural differences. Wearing a boho look will help you realize this because boho is not just a fashion style. It is a way of looking at life by fully appreciating every unique thing in it.

This Fashionista is appreciating her unique look and personality by confidently rocking this boho look. First off, she let her naturally blonde hair wave up as it usually does. To add some interesting detail, she braided two pieces of her hair, crossed them over and pinned them on opposite sides to make an all-natural headband. For her makeup, she put a thin layer of eyeliner to emphasize her bright blue eyes, kept the rest of her face neutral and added a couple of stick-on jewels to emphasize her girly and fun personality. She paired these choices with fabrics that hug her body perfectly and show off her natural curves. To top off the look she used henna to draw a tropical flower on her wrist to emphasize her calmer, more creative side. She used henna instead of getting an ink tattoo because henna tattoos are temporary, use all-natural ingredients and are safe for your body. Henna is made from grinding up the leaves of the henna plant and blending it with lemon juice, tea and sugar. When this mixture is applied to the skin it will stain the surface of the skin and this stain will fade away in approximately a week. It is a good way to express your unique creativity without applying dangerous chemicals on your skin.

With a look like this, she can be confident in her own skin and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To show off your natural beauty in a boho look like this first find a fun way to braid your hair. If your hair is too short to braid, try pinning in some flowers or using a flower headband. Keep your makeup all neutral except for your favorite feature that you want to emphasize. For example, emphasize your eyes with eyeliner or emphasize your lips with a bold matte balm. Then add stick-on jewels and draw on a henna tattoo to show off your unique personality.