BEAUTY BAR: Blue Bombshell

One of my favorite parts of summer is seeing all of the fun and exciting beauty trends! I usually try new styles and products on my own hair rather than changing the cut or color, but I currently love the growing trend of bright dyes. Although it’s something I would never have the courage to try I love seeing other Fashionista’s rock their bright locks!

I immediately spotted this Fashionista’s blue do, and I just had to ask her about it. It turns out she had just gotten it done that day at a local salon downtown. The beautiful ocean blues mixed with blonde highlights make for a perfect summertime look. Styled in loose waves she has mastered the effortless summer wave that is oh so sought after.

Her sleek black crop top and shorts pairing is chic, but it still lets her hair shine through. This Fashionista’s floral Dr. Martens ad a subtle pattern to her look without overpowering it. Her pink necklace ads a pop of color and creates a grunge-inspired look. Finally, her pastel blue nails and iridescent cross-body bag tie her hair back into the look. This Fashionista’s blue locks mixed with her chic outfit make for an effortlessly cool look!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This colorful summer hair trend can be recreated in a multitude of ways. If you’re seeking a more dramatic look, such as the one seen on this Fashionista, it could be best to make an appointment with a professional. For those who are new to hair color or want something less long term a semi-permanent dye might be best for you. If you’re a DIY gal hair chalk is for you! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and find the perfect hue for you!