BEAUTY BAR: Black? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” I laughed the first time Meryl Streep said this line to an intern in The Devil Wears Prada (and the 100th time, since it’s one of my favorite movies). Now, it’s a viral Twitter meme that surfaces every year around this time, mocking the stereotypical bright, floral print clothing associated with this season. I’m the first all-black-all the time person to retweet.

If you’re anything like my featured Fashionista and me, you don’t want to switch the color of your aesthetic to the bright colors when the weather switches to bright and sunny. Luckily, you don’t have to. There’s no need to pack away your go-to black hoodie, when you can simply incorporate the spring colors into your look by wearing them on, of all places, your face.

The thought of wearing bold makeup colors scares some people, but when done the right way it can appear effortless. The complementary, shimmery gold eyeshadow is applied around the beauty’s blue eyes so perfectly, it seems as if they’re just naturally glowing. Sparkly shadow is the best replacement for eyeliner (although there’s nothing wrong with being a little extra and wearing both). Don’t be fooled, eyeshadow isn’t only to be used on eyes; it can also be used as a highlighter as it is here, creating a symmetrical glow. Okay, well that’s not all that went into this flawless glow; it’s enhanced by a shade from the iconic Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit. The glow kit is versatile, too, also used to add a shine to her gray-taupe lip. So, the point here, is not to stay within the confines of what a certain makeup product is “supposed to” be for. They often look even better in the places you would never think to apply them! To seal the look and keep it gleaming all day, add a spray of the iconic Mario Badescu facial spray.

Lots of people forget that your attire isn’t comprised of only clothing. You can make a statement through your face, too! And an even better one at that. Anyone could be wearing the same T-shirt as you that you got from the most recent spring collection. Your face is the only thing no one else can have, so have fun with it, and of course pull your hair back into a cute bun like this one so it can be seen.

Or, if you only want to be selectively seen, wear shades as cool as these, and see the whole world in color while still wearing all black.

Fellow owners of a dark wardrobe: avoid being that girl who won’t switch it up, and sport the spring colors by simply investing in a shimmery shadow, lightweight foundation, and setting spray. These investments will surely pay off—as they already have for this beauty—and keep you looking fresh and revived all spring despite the color of your clothing.

Black? For spring? Sure is groundbreaking.