BEAUTY BAR: Big, Bold and Beautiful

BEAUTY BAR: Big, Bold and Beautiful

Black women embracing their hair is an ever-growing trend. Internet searches for black hairstyles have virtually tripled from 2004 to present. Angolan model Maria Borges rocked her natural hair on the Victoria’s Secret runway last year and three different black hairstyles (afro, locs and braids) were featured in a Teen Vogue magazine spread this past spring discussing cultural appreciation versus cultural appropriation in beauty.

The trend comes full circle with the Fashionista in question. While she’s stylish from head to toe, it’s her head that really stands out. Even during the shoot she asked if she could play with her hair for a few photos, something she says she’s always doing (a girl has to know how to work it, and she clearly does). Her hair, big and bold, paired with a blaze orange top that perfectly complemented her skin tone and a gorgeous grin made her a walking ray of summer sunshine. When asked, she made it clear comfort comes first when she’s dressing herself, followed by being up for anything. What better style advice than to wear what’s comfortable and comes natural, but be open to trying new things.

Summer is a great time to try variations on what you’re already comfortable with, going a little bigger and bolder. With the warm weather there’s no need to worry about having perfectly dry, styled hair like in the winter. It leaves you free to experiment with your natural texture, whether that means braiding it, twisting it, putting it up or leaving it down. Use the season to find what you’re comfortable with and let your hair recuperate after a long winter of damaging heat-involved styling.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: SheaMoisture and Miss Jessie’s are mainstream brands that are great for giving black hair (and otherwise) the extra moisture it needs in this hot weather. If you want to try for a wavier texture but your hair is thin, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is a popular product for getting beachy volume. Regardless of which product you use, I think we can all agree we look our best when we’re unapologetically ourselves.