BEAUTY BAR: Beyond Bold

Some look at fashion as just clothing but it incorporates so much more than simply an outfit. In my opinion, I feel that no outfit is complete without an equally as impressive beauty look. One of the latest beauty trends is a bold lip color. Recently bold looks have taken off with the Kylie lip kits, but you do not need a high-end lip product to create the perfect accessory to any outfit.

In this outfit in order to complement her bold look, this Fashionista uses an equally bold lip color. This look is built off the unique pattern shift dress. The pattern features many different colors allowing almost anything to match with it. This Fashionista chooses to bring out the black and tan colors featured within the pattern of the dress. In order to bring out the black, she adds a black floppy hat, which doubles as a trending piece that protects you from the summer sun. Her tan heeled booties are my personal favorite part about the look. The real standout of this outfit is the lip look that this Fashionista uses to complete her look. In this outfit, she uses a deep berry color in order to bring out the pink in her dress.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this look to match your favorite bold look just grab a matte lipstick or lip stain that best complements you. Before applying the lip color, in order to prime your lips try using both lip scrub and chapstick. After applying your selected color make sure to blot your lips with a tissue in order to remove any excess color and ensure that your lip look complements your outfit all day long!