BEAUTY BAR: Berry Chic Lips

July 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

Summertime makeup typically calls for glossed lips, crazy eyeshadows and neon nails. But what about those beautiful, rich berry colors seen almost everyday in the winter, can’t they be just as stylish and trendy in warmer weather? Of course they can!

This Fashionista has gone with a satin finish lipstick that is not too much darker than her natural lip color. I like to call this “my lips, but better”. What this does is give your lips all the glamour and flare of a trendy berry lip, but without looking like you’re six months too early for winter. Not sure what kind of lip color to try? Lip stains are absolutely perfect for a subtle berry pout.

Also, try pairing your berry lip color with something floral, like this Fashionista did. Floral prints always make great complement pieces to darker lip colors and this will prevent the look from being too “harsh” for summer.

The glittery silver eyeshadow this Fashionista paired with her lipstick is another great way to keep her berry lips from looking too dark for summer. The shimmers will reflect a lot of the summer sunshine and brighten the look, while the silver color of the eyeshadow keeps the look simple and fresh. It’s the perfect daytime look! Keep in mind that soft, iridescent eyeshadow colors will work best with berry lips for the summer.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Thankfully, this trendy look is super easy to replicate! All you need is an iridescent eyeshadow, a berry colored lip stain or lipstick, and some mascara to add length to those eyelashes. Want to go that extra mile, choose a complimentary nail polish to perfect the look!