BEAUTY BAR: Beautifully Braided

In the summer hairstyles can be difficult to maintain through the heat and humidity. The weather always seems to make our freshly straightened or curled hair to a frizzy, sweaty mess by the end of the day. I find myself longing for an easy hairstyle to wick away the summer heat and to look my best while doing it.

This Fashionista decided to keep cool and her hair out of her face by French braiding her hair to the side. Braids are easy to do and are the perfect resolution to the hot, sticky weather. There’s just something so playful and adorable about a simple braid or two! Although she kept her naturally straight, her French braid keeps her look more interesting.

By adding a splash of color on your lips with a bold-colored lipstick is always a good way to make your makeup stand out and complement your outfit. One of the best ways to bring together details of an outfit is to tie the color scheme of your look into your makeup and this Fashionista does just that. Not only are bold-colored lips an attention-getter but they help you appear to have put more effort into your look than you actually did. The way she matched her lip color with her dress makes her look cohesive but not repetitive.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To achieve this Fashionista’s hairstyle, you’ll need bobby pins that match your hair color to secure your French braid and hairspray to make it all stay in place. Also if you don’t know how to French braid there are easy tutorials online that will make you a pro in no time! To get your makeup looking like hers you will need a bold lip color that you can find at any beauty or drug store.